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Music & Arts

Our band instrument rentals/supplies are provided by Music & Arts, Inc. out of West Falmouth, ME.

How do I rent an instrument?
For the Music & Arts website/homepage, click HERE.  Once on their homepage, click on the "Rentals" tab to start the rental process.  The entire rental process can be completed online.

During the rental process, parents often raise the question, "Should I have the instrument shipped to my home or shipped to the school?"  The ship-to-home option is usually the absolute fastest (unless our traveling representative is due for a scheduled visit within 48-72 hours), but the ship-to-school option usually means that our traveling representative will deliver the instrument to school on his next scheduled visit.  As far as I know, ship-to-home usually charges a modest shipping fee, whereas ship-to-school offers free delivery.  I hope this information is helpful!

I need to talk to someone at Music & Arts about my rental account.
For a direct link to their contacts page (if you need to talk to someone about a current rental), click HERE.  You can also find their 1-800 customer service number on your rental paperwork.

My child needs more reeds, valve oil, a new book, or other supplies!
Our traveling Music & Arts representative visits me on a bi-weekly basis.  Students requiring any band/instrument supplies should always let me know ASAP.  I then email the order to the instrument rep and he delivers the order on his next scheduled visit.  Once the order is delivered, students receive a notice that their items have arrived and what they cost.  Supplies can be paid for in cash or by check.  If writing a check, please make the check out to your child's school.  The school deposits your payment and then pays Music & Arts for the order.

What should I do if my child's instrument breaks?
The best thing to do is to let me know about it as soon as possible.  There are several options for instrument repairs in our area:

Of course, Music & Arts offers its own full repair shop at competitive prices.  Those renting an instrument should definitely choose this option, as repairs are free and Music & Arts provides a loaner instrument to any student whose instrument is in the shop for repair.  It really doesn't get much better than that!  Our instrument representative can sometimes perform simple repairs during his bi-weekly visit, but usually picks up any instruments needing repair and takes them back to the shop in Maine.  You will receive a free quote (usually by email) for the estimated cost of the repair, and once you've given your consent to the estimate, the work will be done and our rep will return the instrument to school on his next visit.  Provided that I can give him advance notice that the instrument needs repair, he will bring a loaner instrument with him when he comes to pick up the one needing repair so your child still has something to play while his/her instrument is in the shop.

If you own your instrument (or are no longer renting) and would rather not use our Music & Arts instrument rep and our West Falmouth repair shop, I also highly recommend the following reputable repair shops in the area:

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