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Check out what we've been up to in some of our music classes!

Every once in a while, students put together mini-performances within the context of their music classes of things they've been working on.  We've also been experimenting with recording some of these performances.  Recording is a great evaluation tool, especially when it comes to self-evaluation and assessing our performances.  It also gives us a more permanent record of the music that happened in class that day!  When possible, I'll try to post an mp3 file of the recording here for your child to be able to share with you at home!

Click on any of the following links that apply to your/your child's class.  I believe you will need to "download" the mp3 and play it on your computer using a program like iTunes or Windows Media Player.

**I am not sure of the compatibility of these files with mobile devices like iPods or tablets - let me know if you can get them to work on one of those!

September/October 2017

3rd GRADE SUMMER RAPS - The 3rd grade music classes at both schools put together a class "rap" about things that they all did this summer.  It was a great way to review quarter and eighth-note patterns ("walk" and "run-run") both visually and aurally, and the kids had fun "rapping" their carefully-counted lyrics to a cool drum beat!  Check out their class recordings below:

TCS - Mrs. Benson's Class

NDS - Mrs. Wasson's Class


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