TCS Concerts

2017-2018 Tuftonboro Central School

Concert Dates

Tuesday, December 12, 2017    6:00pm     K-6 Holiday Concert
**This concert will be held in the TCS gymnasium.**

Thursday, May 10, 2018      6:30pm      4-6 Spring Concert
**The 4-6 Spring Concert will be a combined concert with the performing groups of New Durham School and will be held in Wolfeboro at the Kingswood Arts Center!  YAY!!**

TCS K-3 Holiday Concert Q & A

What should my child wear?
For the K-3 portion of the concert in December, students and parents should refer to special notices sent home as the performance approaches, as dress requirements change each year depending on the program we choose.

What time does my child need to arrive for the concert?
All K-3 students should arrive by 6:15 and report directly to their classrooms.

**The programs we select from year to year are all unique, and thus, usually have unique requirements.  Please keep an eye on the newsletter starting around the end of October for announcements about this year's K-3 program.

TCS 4-6 Concert Q & A

What should my child wear?
For both concerts, band and chorus members should dress up nicely.  Girls should wear slacks/skirt with a nice top or a dress, and boys should wear slacks and a collared shirt.  Please keep in mind that school dress codes do apply to concert attire – thank you.

What time does my child need to arrive for the concert?
  • BAND members need to arrive between 5:50-6:00.
  • CHORUS members and 4TH GRADERS (not in chorus) need to arrive by 6:15.
Does my child have to perform in the concert?

Yes.  Band and chorus members rehearse for 4-5 months prior to a performance and put a lot of hard work into preparing their music.  Band and chorus are performance ensembles, and the performance is the culmination of these months of hard work.

The 4th grade recorder unit is at the heart of the 4th grade music class curriculum, and teaches the students valuable skills in the areas of music literacy, fine motor development, and learning to be a performer.

If transportation to the concert is an issue, please make arrangements ahead of time for your child to carpool with another family to the concert - thanks!  If performance anxiety is an issue, I'm happy to consult with students and their families on an individual basis.

SPORTS:  We work hard to coordinate with the Wolfeboro/Tuftonboro Recreation Department and other area leagues to make sure that concert dates are left unscheduled so there are no conflicts with sports schedules.  I recognize that we probably cannot reach out to all other types of leagues in our area, but band, chorus, and recorder-playing are school commitments, and school commitments need to come first.  I only ask for your child's attendance for 2 evenings out of the year, and the dates are available months ahead of time.  Thank you for your support and understanding.

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