Friday, October 7, 2016

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!

As the signs in my hallways said last month, "Welcome 'Bach' to school!"  I hope everyone had a fantastic summer.  My family welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Ella Loralise, back at the beginning of June.  It was lovely to spend the whole summer together learning to be a family of four!  As it always does, the summer went by way too quickly.  It *is* always exciting to get back to the business of making music together, though!

Remember that this blog is primarily a point of reference for you, my NDS and TCS students and parents.  With as much time as we all spend online these days, I figured it would be helpful to have a place online where you could check for important information at whatever time is convenient for you!  I am currently working on updating much of this blog with current information, and will continue to do so as often as possible throughout the year.

Click on the tabs above to navigate to the information you are looking for.  If you think of a question that would be helpful to have answered on this page, or if there's information you are looking for that is not already posted here, please feel free to email me at  I check this email multiple times a day during the school year, and because I'm in two buildings during the week, it's often the easiest way to reach me!

Looking forward to another great, music-filled year!

Kristin Johnson
NDS/TCS Music Teacher

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